Correy Connors - Don't sleep on him

Correy Connors is criminally underrated by the books and probably will be forever. The guy has choked some massive spots a la presidents cup , never won’ etc, but mark these words. Connors will have a Lee Westwood style career with 8+ wins and not much flash by the time he’s 45. Don’t sleep on him. Even a broken clock is right 2x a day.

Positions: Grand Slam this year @ 50k:1

I was pretty sure he had won once and yup, he won the 2019 Texas Open

He does pile up Top 10’s and Top 20’s so maybe the place markets and matchups is the way to bet him

If he has a Rickie Fowler career I think most people would be very pleased

With that said, my back of the envelope calculations give Connors about a 1 in 500,000 chance of winning the Grand Slam

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Poor Lee Westwood!!! World number one, 44 professional wins, Ryder Cup legend, 11 top 5s in majors, 352 weeks in the owgr top 10.

Conners is miles away from that right now, and he’s already 31.


Only two wins on the PGA TOUR though, Connors on track for that at least!

Connors has 1 more PGA Tour victory than Colin Montgomerie which is truly one of the more amazing stats ever

Players should be a belting week for him.

Could be a Top 20 for him

No reason he can’t win. DG made him 60/1 last year when he was in a similar spot in the DG rankings with a field that had the LIV boys. Feels like 66/1+ is a decent outright bet.

Connors begins his rise to mediocre stardom! The prophecy is unfolding


Fair play, winning in a fairly weak field the week before a major is the very definition of what someone with “8+ wins and not much flash” does.

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This guy drives the ball so well. Impressive stuff.

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He sure had a good shot to win his 1st Major at the PGA but didn’t have it on Sunday with a 5 over par last round blow up. He may end up being more of the Charles Howell III kind of “human ATM” type that banks a ton of cash but doesn’t amass many wins.