Custom Matchups via API

Is there a way I could run every possible combination of h2hs? I’ve got a bunch of books not listed on the screen it’s becoming overly cumbersome to price each line manually. Is there a endpoint I could hit to get the results?

Thank you

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Hey, this is not currently possible… but could easily be done in the API. I guess we are hesitant because it would provide bookmaker subscribers (of which I assume there are a few) a very easy way to price their matchups. But honestly I’m not sure if that’s a legit concern, it’s pretty easy for them to copy right now if they want to.

We will think about this.

Yeah - bookmaker subscription would be a concern. Perhaps a by request subscription model that is above the API pricing where proof of recreationally or non-bookie would be something to be furnished prior to getting subscription?

The cumbersomeness may actually work to your advantage because the books are faster than you

Just today I tried to place a wager on Harrington to miss the cut at +260. It flashed to +160 just a few seconds before I placed the bet

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