Dead Heat not inc EV calc

DK is paying ties in full this week (like MGM usually does), does anyone have a way of approximating how much that changes the EV? Like say for a Top 20, if its 10 cents worse than the Fanduel line is it actually higher EV because of the no dead heat?

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I would be interested in an answer to this too.

Here are dh and non-dh finish probs. Need to get this on the site pre-tournament… been meaning to do that for a while. These are slightly different than what’s on site for various minor reasons.


The effect is a little more significant than what I typically account for. This would be a good addition to the site, Matt. Perhaps too good :face_with_peeking_eye:

Interesting, that’s super duper close to the adjustment I do on my end. I use 1.12x, 1.09x, and 1.06x to convert probabilites from T5/10/20 to no dead heat. Any idea what the adjustment would be for T30 or T40? Bovada and BetMGM offer those

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@matt_courchene great to hear its on the radar, any thoughts towards having it as like a toggle on the site?


Yes toggle would be how we do it. On the to-do list.

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Oh man why don’t we just not add this to the site!

This is back on DK for this week. Can we get that chart for this week by chance?

Hi Matt/DG, any chance we can this list for the PGA for pre-tournament this week? I know there’s a toggle on the live model, but this list would be super helpful to reference for the additional books offering top finishes paid in full this week. Thanks a lot.