Decrease in tournament match ups

Why has the number of tournament match ups for PGA Tour events decreased so much this year?

There were just over 50 showed on the DG 72-hole match up screen when we would normally expect approx 150 per tournament.

Have Cris/Pinnacle recently scaled back their offering?

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In the past Pinnacle would open with like ~100, you are right. Can’t recall if they’ve done that yet this year. And Cris would typically open with like 25-35 on Tuesday, but then by Wednesday there would be 80-120 or so. I think Cris will get back to doing that this week, Pinnacle I’m not sure.

Pinnacle’s offering has gotten a lot worse over the last year in my opinion. They open later now, and they are weighting our odds heavily so there is almost never much value at open. (Some odds do move away from our numbers after open… although obviously those might not be +EV as the market movement overall should be pretty sharp).