Do Round 1 projections include starting strokes

Do Round 1 Datagolf projections include starting strokes? It looks like FD is offering lines w and without starting strokes for round 1. Both are displayed in the same column under Round 1 DG projections.

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Round 1 probabilities do not include starting strokes (are the FD odds we’ve posted correct? In that they don’t account for starting strokes?).

You can simulate 72-hole matchups with or without starting strokes on the custom h2h tool, or using the PGA/OPP props pages (PGA has starting strokes, OPP doesn’t, which should be clear). If you wanted to simulate a round 1 matchup with starting strokes, I guess you could just the handicap option on the custom h2h tool.

I think it was a mistake by FD. I saw they eventually took those lines down. Using the custom head to head tool to simulate a handicapped round 1 matchup the lines were way too off

For example, I believe that market on FD had Scheffler as only around a -150 to -160 fav against Hovland

Yes, you are exactly right. FD was off on those. After your response, I went to get that Scottie line, and they had taken that market down. DG was correct. Thanks!


When looking at the Full Tournament matchups (Draftkings in particular) do the Datagolf odds incorporate starting strokes?

Yes, Scratch Tools include starting strokes.

Matt - sorry I am new here. My book offers “Tournament Matchups excluding starting handicaps”. I’ve read through the thread but don’t know what PGA/OPP props pages are. What is the easiest way to find tournament-long odds without handicaps in place? If i use the Custom H2h tool and populate the handicap strokes section, how do i know which player the handicap is being applied to?

Go to Scratch Tools → Custom Matchup Tool. Once there, in the ‘Restrict Players By Event’ dropdown menu, select ‘Opp’ and you’ll have the projections with no starting strokes.


Yeah it’s a bit confusing this week. You can find the props pages under Scratch Tools → Betting Tools (for the relevant tour) in the banner, although this week I noticed we never added an Opposite section. The opp props page is here.

The handicap helps the player listed to the left (see info icon for the details).