El Cardonal Course Fit

How did you arrive at these numbers in the absence of course history? Something to do with hole lengths?

Yeah, just hole lengths and fairway widths. Unfortunately it’s not something we have any details for on the site yet.


designed by Tiger, so I am dinging bad players and giving good players a boost

Could you add the country adjustment please btw to the overall predictions? Just noticed wasn’t there

Not doing one this week because almost all of the players in the event are US-based, but also because most of our Mexico data is from El Camaleon, which has a very extreme course fit profile and I wasn’t comfortable trying to extract any info about country effects from that.

Understood - thought there might still be some signal in there, particularly for younger guys who will have less Mayakoba and possibly some Vidanta in their number (i.e. this week’s pile-on for Akshay)

Ya, fair point. Akshay did come 4th at this year’s Mexico event. That would be maybe worth 0.05 strokes or something in the model. As for people piling on… I guess that’s what happens when there is no course data to go off of.

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