Gir vs scrambling data mismatch in API

I’m using an API to pull round-by-round data. I’m seeing a mismatch when it comes to gir and scrambling in the PGA data and I’m wondering if anyone knows why.

If gir is 0.5 then it means they hit 9/18 greens and should have 9 scrambling chances. When I look at the PGA Tour website and I look at Trace Crowe’s 4th round at the RBC Canadian Open, it shows 9/18 gir and 3/9 scrambling. This makes sense. However, I use the API to pull in data from DataGolf and it shows gir of 0.5 but it shows scrambling of 0.692. This suggests his scrambling was 9/13.

Similarly, Bryson’s round 1 at the US Open shows he hit 15/18 greens for a gir of 0.833 which aligns with DataGolf. However, his scrambling shows 0.6 which suggests he was 3/5 scrambling. His scrambling figure should be x/3. So, it should be 0; 0.333; 0.667, or 1.

Is there a reason for the mismatch? Maybe DataGolf counts a ball on the fringe as a gir but also counts it as a scrambling chance? This might account for why they show more scrambling chances. Maybe the data is off.

Anyway, I’m working with some of the data and I’m wondering if anyone knows why this is. I want to make sure I’m understanding the data completely. Thanks for any help.

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See definition of scrambling (e.g. on live stats page - click 'stat information at top right of table).

You don’t need to miss a green to have a chance at scrambling in our definition. You can also have two attempts on one hole if your first chip doesn’t hit the green. So it’s really like an up-and-down rate from inside 50 yards.


Ahh! I should have looked for the stat definitions. That makes sense! Thanks a lot for the explanation!

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