Golf data project Ideas

First, thank you to those that actually post things in here instead of just reading it like me. I love reading your stuff and hope to contribute more down the road.

I’m finishing up a data science boot camp and plan to use DG api’s to build my final project. I’m hoping to crowdsource some ideas here if anyone has any? It can range from being a deep-dive study on a specific topic to a set of tools that use DG data as a resource against another site (like PrizePicks or UnderDog).

One example could be a study looking at players who blow large Sunday leads and the affect it has on that player moving forward. Another example could be a tool can spit out the “best” 2, 3, 4, or 5-player parlay on Underdog for any given day based on a user’s parameters.

Pretty much any idea that allows me to use data manipulation tools, web scraping, data visualizations, and/or predictive modeling is fair game. I know this post is a bit random but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!


Would love to see a model that incorporates DG methodology and also uses golfer-specific variance adjustments. That and shot-level modeling, but that could be very complicated.

I always thought it would be interesting to see how players perform the week after winning (relative to DG expectations). Just like there’s an in-play performance downgrade when a player is leading a tournament, should there be a pre-tourney downgrade (or upgrade) based on a big result the prior week? Could also extend the analysis for situations where a player didn’t win but otherwise had a noteworthy result (for example, Pereira blowing the lead or Zalatoris losing in the playoff in the PGA). Would just need to find the winners that played the following week and what their adj. strokes gained were relative to projection for the week-after tournament, so I don’t think making the comparisions would be particularly difficult, just time consuming.

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Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Really appreciate it. If I’m able to build anything of value I’ll definitely share here. Thanks again.

What is the effect on golfer performance when they are in a group (tee time) with player X?

There should be plenty of data on this.

Featured groups on Thursday and Friday tend to bunch stars or narratives together. I would guess way more often than not the best scores of the day are not from the golfers in featured groups. Why is that?

Also, you’ll often hear a golfer is at a disadvantage on Saturday or Sunday when they are paired with golfer X because their paces of play are so different. One golfer plays fast, and the other is slow. Is there really an impact on performance?

We hear a lot about putting be random, lucky, streaky, etc.

Is this true?

Is there a correlation between SG putting performance from round 1-2-3-4? One week to the next?

Is the correlation negative or positive?