Hole-by-hole scoring for live tournament

New user, starting to peruse the endpoints & data and possibilities using R. Looking at the live tournament stats and it is very interesting.

If I wanted to start with a traditional route of essentially putting together a scorecard to look at how many birdies a golfer has, pars, bogies, etc.

Another question is, I see that in the Tour Schedules endpoint it’s noted when a player is starting on the back nine. During the tournament in the live data will that be reflected or will I have to account for that when using the “Thru” field value?

We don’t have hole-by-hole data in the API because we aren’t allowed to do so (by the PGA Tour). But you could scrape the live stats page.

During the tournament you can get a player’s starting hole from the field file (I assume this is what you meant – there is no player-level information in the tour schedules endpoint). In the live data we have how many holes the player is thru not which hole they are thru. So if they started on the back and are thru 5 holes, you’ll have to figure out yourself that that means they are on hole 15.

Thanks for the quick reply! That’s exactly what I meant and is obviously easy enough.

Thanks for letting me know on the restriction for your API per PGA rules. Makes sense. I will go the scraping route or otherwise I was thinking I could track changes in the fields I’m planning to use to construct something. Will have to test it out Thursday if that method would work.

Have a good day!