How strong are the APGA players?

I noticed that players are getting sponsors’ exemptions into PGA Tour events based on performance in APGA events. However, I’ve also noticed that their performances are very bad. Kamaiu Johnson and Marcus Byrd are two recent examples and neither look like they can break 80 on a consistent basis on the PGA Tour.

As a point of comparison the same region has the Asher Tour (former Golden State Tour) and these players seem to be much more competitive. The Swing Thought Tour (former Hooters Tour) seems to be even stronger, with several players good enough to play on Canada/Latinoamerica and perhaps the Korn Ferry Tour.

Is it just confirmation bias based on small sample size? Or are there huge disparities in the quality of top players in various mini tours?

They are almost always bottom 1/2 in fields so it feels like when tour invites Bermudan golfers or Saudi invites Saudi locals. Basically non competitive outside of 95+ percentile rounds

Kamaiu Johnson in the Arnold Palmer Invitational LOL

I wish I could bet on him to miss the cut, I would lay -1000

Just a question, why is he rated higher than Greg Koch? I’ve seen both of their records and Koch seems to be way better