How to use Optimizer for a Salary Cap Pool?

Hey all, I’m in a Salary Cap pool that’s run on OfficeFootballPool (part of Splash). The setup is that you have a budget of $30 and each golfer has different costs based on their likelihood to win. Scoring is based on total winnings of all players selected. Is there a way I could add the costs from this pool into the Optimizer to determine some optimal lineups? Or how else could I export some of the DG data to build an optimizer myself? Thanks!

Just off the top of my head, here’s how I’d start to approach that -

Since the players all have salaries, you need to determine who’s over/under-valued. You could do it based on predicted finish position, since that would be directly tied to winnings.

Download the DG fantasy projections from the optimizer. Open them up in Excel and create a column where you specify the salaries from your pool for each golfer. Then create another row to calculate value.

I created a simple formula to divide projected finish points by pool salary. This will give you a basic value that you can sort to see who the best golfers to choose are.

In my example (based on dummy salaries I just thought up), guys like Scheffler and Schauffele would be good values compared to Koepka, Clark, etc.

I think this will work the rest of the way down, as someone like Villegas would maybe have a salary of $1, and his value would be 0.50. It’s still manual effort to create the lineup, but you should be able to see clear values vs guys you might want to avoid.

Thanks, that makes sense, but does “finish points” using the DraftKings main slate translate to dollar value of winnings? Or is “finish points” something specific to DraftKings scoring?

Finish points are bonus points assigned by DK based on finish position. Since they would basically directly correlate to actual finish position, I used them instead of trying to do anything more convoluted :grinning: