In Play Winner Outrights

I’ve rarely made in play winner bets in the past but I’m planning to dive into that more. Probably just gonna have a look after each round concludes rather than betting during the action.

@matt_courchene I asked you last year about why the model frequently shows +EV for lesser skilled players who lead the tourney, and you explained it had to do with how it calculates the pressure element and you were gonna give that another look and see if it needs tweaking. Wondering if that’s been tweaked and how confident I should be now with these bets. Or for that matter, if there’s anything else I should look out for when it comes to the models winner predictions. Thanks.

Hope you didn’t start with Uncle Joost. Had a good bit of value post round 3.

Keegan looks like he will come through though. Also value after Round 3.

Bet on Scheffler beginning of the week, then Bradley and Reavie after round 3. Pretty much broke even lol.

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