Is Bryson DeChambeau finished?

Aside from the caddy change and the Brooks/Brooksie “feud”, there’s real cause for concern here. Dude cannot play at all from 100 yards and in, where the majority of the strokes are played.

My science may be different from DeChambeau’s but I think you have a better chance of shooting low scores when you get the ball close to the hole. You hold your breath every time he hits a wedge shot - with most players they’re knocking down flagsticks, with Brooksie it’s 50-50 as to whether he hits the green. He has no distance control, spin control, or direction. Hitting a big tee shot does not help you at all if you cannot get the ball close to the hole with any club in the bag. He’s missing greens with pitch shots from the middle of the fairway too.

The short game has suffered too, it’s not the Tiger Woods chipping yips but he’s not getting the ball close to the hole. It used to be one of the strongest parts of his game but it’s now the weakest.

I don’t know what to say, other than he’s losing 2 strokes a round from 100 yards and in compared to his peak form. Right now he could recruit Stacy Lewis to hit the wedge shots for him and it would save him strokes.

I see that he’s playing with Jordan Spieth. Spieth is hitting it twice as close to the hole from 50 yards further out. He’s going to lose 2-3 shots a round to Spieth at this rate unless he can reverse this pattern.

Ha, I think this is a tad bit of an over reaction. I’m no Bryson fan but to think he’s “finished” is crazy. We are talking about a world class player here who is going through a downturn. He leads the tour in SG OTT by a mile and no doubt needs to work on other parts of his game, but to think he can’t do that is baseless.


No, Bryson is not finished. Are you making these numbers up? I don’t understand where they came from. Gaining more than 1 stroke per round off the tee absolutely does help you an enormous amount (which goes without saying really… given that the units are strokes). There also just aren’t that many shots hit from within 100 yards (not counting putts, and Bryson is a very good putter).

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Ha, I knew fine rightly who had started this thread before I opened it. Absolute nonsense as per.

I did watch Bryson on the last 5 holes and he looked fine. (Shot 2 under in those holes to make the cut on the number)

(He played well for 5 holes! He’s back! He will win 2 majors next year)

I expect him to finish outside the Top 20, he’s just not a reliable back door specialist.