Live DP Tournaments


I noticed that there is no Live-Tournament options for DP Tour. As of today there is the Volvo Car Scandinavian Mixed and there is no Outright winner, Props, FRL, or any sorts of live tools for this in comparison to PGA where I can see live odds, live placements, live props and outright betting for the specific tournament in this case Memorial Tournament.

Any suggestions for this in order to place accurate wagers?

The props page is updated, as is the matchups page. Half of the players in this event are women, which we can’t really model. In a normal week we cover the DPWT the same as the PGAT, as someone already mentioned in another thread.

Also, this information was in a note at the top of the homepage throughout the week. Look there on Mondays to see what the schedule is for the week and if anything will be different.