Live model weather

This looks a bit weird to me. Surely an updated weatherforecast should’ve changed to something closer to the just observed? Or are the weathermen just terrible?

to this:

Yeah, agreed. Sometimes that weather API seems off. I guess that contributed a bit to the overconfidence on -5 today… sigh.


84 guys made the cut… might be a record in the T65 era.


Which forecast do you guys use for the weather? Or is it an aggregation etc.

We mostly use Open Weather API, but for predictions earlier in the week that require hourly forecasts more than a couple days in advance we scrape Weather Underground. Open Weather is generally decent but can get a bit wonky; last week it was bad… the historical weather was always like 5-7mph less than their forecasts, which obviously messes with our live model adjustments. In cases like that we sometimes just write out the hourly weather manually in a google sheet and use that.