Live scratch tools with current dg odds and current book odds?

Does this exist, I only see end of day updates. Would like to see in real time current dg odds vs current book odds.

You mean like the live model? you can use the % they give and compare those to the books during rounds

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Yes like the live model. Scratch tools lets me see DG predictions and then odds across all books to find the best one, but not during the tournament, just before the tourney and after rounds does it update. I would like to see the live model, with a matrix of all books prices to compare, live. So essentially what they have for scratch tools - betting tools - finish position, but live.

We don’t have a good enough setup with our book scraping (i.e. API access) to do this. Plus, the model only updates every 5 minutes and after players finish holes, so it wouldn’t be that useful even if we could get live sportsbook odds.