More bookmaker options

Would it be possible to add betfair exchange odds and bookmaker odds?


Probably not because they are difficult to scrape and would need to be constantly updated, like every 2 minutes. ‘BetAngel’ is an average piece of software that can help with this and they give you a 1 week free trial (might be longer I cant remember). There are also some other ways you can do it even with free scraping software, however its time consuming and prone to things going wrong.


Bookmaker odds are the same as BetCris, so you can already get those


Would be a hindrance if DG could scrape the exchange.

Other value betting sites who have tried to publicise where there’s exchange value end up hindering their members, because inevitably there’ll be a few players with big bankrolls who’ll take every penny.

Some bookies offer ridiculous boosts, which then go on the exchange. A typical one would be a player to have a shot on target in a football match at even money, when fair odds are 1.7. It used to be quite easy to get matched at 1.9, but now a few whales are getting involved, putting down several thousand pounds at 1.75 and killing the value for everyone.


Speaking of bookies, any other bookie with fanduel’s lines?

Would it be possible to add each ways for in-play and first round leader on the outright betting tool?


Somewhere deep in the recesses of the forum is the formula for EW betting.

One way to do it is to do a custom model for PGA Tour, set it to just one round, no cut, then work download the .CVS file and work it out for everyone quickly.

Would it be possible to be able to use your custom model for in-play?