Next week’s field?

Is there a way to look strokes gained data or course fit for next week’s field? The field for the Phoenix Open was set today and I’d like to get a handle on who I might be targeting when odds are released on Monday.

Check that… odds are already out.

There isn’t a way to do this right now, no. I guess we could add something. The usual concern with releasing content early is that the bookmakers get a good idea of where our numbers are, and come Monday (when we do the full release) their odds are more in line with ours than they otherwise would be.

But if you just want to look at SG data (in the query tool, for example) that is something we could probably do.

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Totally understand the concern about odds and the full model. I just meant strokes gained data and course fit tool were we can filter with next weeks field. Since we already know the field, it might help subscribers jump on certain guys they like based on course and recent play

@matt_courchene Will you delay the odds release for the PGA TOUR until after the tournament concludes tomorrow? Looks like a few sites haven’t released theirs yet because of the delays. Could be a wise move.

Yes it will be delayed (not out of choice, really). Updates will be posted on homepage.