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I will be making a one-time, special exemption and leaving Brian Harman off the team.

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Cam Young


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As a Euro the prospect of the US team having Harman, Glover and JT on it fills me with excitement. Glover should be nowhere near but cool story/run.

I’m not saying anything about Glover’s game ever again. He’s a god damn machine.


Why would you leave Speith off?

I did mistake him for the Terminator when missing the 3M cut and finishing behind Nathan Kimsey, Adrien Saddier and Trevor Cone in the Barbasol.


Here is the annotated version:

I will be making a one-time, special exemption and leaving Brian Harman off the team. – He missed like 8/13 cuts at one point this year and just got insanely lucky at the Open. If he had finished second there he would not even be close to consideration.

Captains Picks ON
Glover – the guy is kicking ass!
Cam Young – just an absolute beauty of a talent-- the ideal alternate shot player.
Rickie – Playing awesome
Xander – good player
Collin – good player, good for alternate shot
Finau – I get to pick one guy I like, even though he is playing bad, and this is it
Bryson – important for disrupting european chemistry, shot 58

JT-- stinks, playing horrible
Spieth – playing well by his low standards, but I get to leave on player off who I don’t really like, and this is him. Gives JT someone to watch the RC with on vacation.
Burns – I mean this guy shouldn’t even be close I don’t even know why I am mentioning him

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But but have you considered JT’s match play record from back when he wasn’t playing like dogshit? Lmao

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I remember the Talor Gooch wars. Did his entire base switch allegiance to Glover?

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Lol, yea I hear you :sweat_smile:

I was shocked and saddened to see that Letzig selected Justin Thomas for the US Ryder cup team.

Fellow Jason Thomas haters-- this is a safe space to feed your confirmation bias-- let it all out.


honestly Thomas is not an awful pick considering his game started to heat up again at the Wyndham Championship but i feel Lucas Glover should take the following spot because of his consistency on a round-to-round basis

Thomas is currently in a deep rut, he had one ever so slightly above average performance in a weak field event, right before he missed out on the Fedex Cup playoffs.

What exactly would you say in the phone call to the guys who are on the knifes edge of making it but missed out because you picked JT?

Anyone defending JT being picked should have to immediately change their full legal name to Daniel Song.


ok fair point. in your opinion who do you think should take the last spot of JT. personally i think it should be Glover but Collin Morikawa is giving him a run for his money

Glover over Kawa would be the worst Ryder Cup decision of all time. I’m confused how Collin is on your bubble. I think the team is pretty clear:


Then there is a battle for two spots. I’d personally go Henley and Keegan. Cam Young and Bryson completely understandable to me also.

This is my absolute worst nightmare US team-- I completely hate everything about it.

Obviously Kisner last year remains the worst individual pick of all time, but this is the worst-assembled team I have ever seen. Just awful!

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