OSS Diaries: DL3 Disappoints-- Kevin Kisner Edition

I have always really liked Davis Love III, but Kevin Kisner must be the single worst captains pick in the history of the Ryder or Presidents cup.

I know that all of you stats nerds will agree with me on this one (Kisner outside the top 75 in the DG rating), but this one doesn’t even pass the eye test. You have to be able to hit the ball at Quail!

DataGolf hall-of-famer Aaron Wise really got shafted here. I have said it in other threads and I will say it here: Kevin Kisner stinks! Tell me I am wrong.

DLIII claimed he wanted some veteran leadership. Veteran at what? Missing the cut? The guy has only played on one presidents cup team.

Imagine playing alternate shot with Kisner instead of Aaron Wise. Let’s see if we can get up and down from 45 yards 15 times in one round. Now I see why the USA is only trading at -550.

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I am trying to cool off after reading about this but I can’t. This is such a failure of the golf media, to allow the idea to persist that Kevin Kisner is an elite tour pro and Wise (and the other 50 guys between them) are just bumbling journeymen.

Not a single person is roasting Love for this-- why not???

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I was wondering why Kisner was picked, I thought there would be 30 guys who would be better selections. I now see that it was a gross underestimate

Dude is closer to Rickie Fowler than he is to Aaron Wise

How does this compare to the selection of Curtis Strange in 1995?

That was tough on Strange though. He tried his guts out and had to face Nick Faldo in the singles. Almost pulled it off too.

Also how does the selection of Kisner affect USA’s win odds?

I’m a little concerned about Team USA, especially in an exhibition event. If they mail it in I don’t think they’re worth the steep price

If the internationals pull this off it will be the greatest upset since the Average Joe’s beat Globo gym in the dodgeball finals.

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But that’s assuming that the USA players try. They might not

I think recent events in the golf world have galvanized the Americans team spirit more than the internationals.

No way to tell until they show up!

I’ll probably wait until they have a decent lead on Sunday then bet the farm at -10000 odds.

I’m guessing they win by about 4.

Wise should issue a Phil-Galfond-style challenge to Kisner. Whoever is winning after a thousand holes gets 10 million dollars.

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Reminds me of the time when Bubba Watson was the most obvious Captain’s pick available and the captain/players/golf media all dogpiled on him

Typical cliquish behavior from the PGA Tour