Outright Betting Tool Updates

Question/comment about the Outright Betting Tool.

Is there anyway to publish the Top 5-10-20 numbers when they are available after a round - whether the books have posted their numbers or not?

It’s great to have the model’s numbers prior to the books coming out with their numbers.

For example, right now the Top 20 is not available in the Outright Betting Tool even though Fan Duel has released their Top 20 odds - while the Top 5 and Top 10 numbers are published and I’m guessing that is because Draft Kings came out with Top 5 and Top 10 odds before Fan Duel posted any of their Top 5-10-20s.

The live model gives me an idea of what the odds are but the dead heat calculation is important when finding value against the books.

There is a dead-heat toggle on the live model for Scratch Members!


You guys are the best. So many features that I can’t even keep up with all of them!