Paywalled Live Model Discussion

@will_courchene was talking about a Paywalled Live Model that DG could have in the future, and was asking for suggestions and ideas on what that could look like to be worth paying for over the existing Live Model.

I think it’s a good idea to get everything in one thread to talk about this as it could be very valuable.

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I think the most important factor in a live model is just speed of updates and shot by shot tracking instead of score. Can we have SG from specific areas of the course for each shot? I remember a really cool interactive from DG showing SG from every hole, and around the green, can that be done in real time?

Other sharps do it somehow. If you have cable TV and are watching the broadcast when a player hits a bad shot the Betfair market makers will adjust their numbers very quickly after that (within 5-10 seconds).

Obviously they have some way to get shot by shot data very quickly. Whether that’s just from the broadcast or from some API into Shotlink I’m not sure. The PGA Tour updates very slowly so that would not work.

Well it comes down to beating the books
If the books get the same information from Data Golf that the players do then there is no net advantage gained

I attended the Irish Open in person and used the Bet365 app to track who I was watching and the distances they had left in to the hole. The shot tracker info on the greens was within a second of real time with the odds updating very shortly afterwards. It’s an impressive operation. I would be surprised in dg could licence that info.

My personal wish list would be predominantly tracking how my bets are getting on. In an ideal world I could enter all the bets that I have on the round / tournament and see stats on it updating each update. Be cool to see which players I’m exposed to, who is expected to make me money v. Those that are going to cost me. In an ideal world, it would just sync with my bookmakers account and take my bets that way but it would likely be more of a manual job. Seeing that I’m likely to up on placement bets and down on missed cuts would help as would some measure of a drastic change - I.e your largest bet of the week is a shot away from losing. Lots of scope for cool visualisations too.

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We’ve had a bet tracker in the works for awhile, it’s just a hard thing to get off the ground for some reason.

Things have been getting in the way but I’ll get it running this week again, do you want to test it out? Anybody else?


Hey Will -

I’d be willing to test it out



Hi will any idea if you’ll ever bring back betting results personally finding it difficult to figure out what to wager on each bet

I’d be willing to as well.

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I’d like to test it out Will!

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Okay everyone who has expressed interested in here should have access now. Just look under “my account” in menu and you should see “my bets”.

Also I started a new thread for issues/suggestions related to the tracker.

I would like to have access as well if possible.

Thank you!

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@JLUDEOBV @Fairways you guys should have it now

I don’t see anything under “My Account” except for API Access, Manage Subscription, and Log out. I do however see the “track” when I hover over the EV on the matchups page.

My bad, should be there now. You should also be able to click on the odds and a input form will pop up. You can change the odds if they’ve changed since we last updated.

Got it! You can also access your “my bets” page on bottom right corner of the matchups page clicking on my bets and then clicking on homepage. Awesome feature.

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Me too pls thanks guys

You should have access already

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Sorry this thread got a bit hijacked by tracking.

The premium model will probably be run more frequently, but we’re still going to be limited by our simulation speed, especially if we add more stuff to it (like taking into account where a player is on each hole).

The SG interactive took awhile and we needed many years of data to create those estimates of SG. Real time would be pretty random and meaningless. It’s hard to create those for most courses too because of renovations. Torrey worked because they go back each year and the course hasn’t changed too much.

Lastly, I don’t think we’ll realistically ever get access to the same data the books have. They pay a lot for the extra speed and the TOUR/IMG cannot let others get access or it destroys the value of it.


That’s fine it’s a good discussion. I’m surprised so many people are interested in tracking their bets through the site. Could be good for multiple sites I guess. Any chance I can try that out @will_courchene?


Should be available for you now

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