Personal feature wishlist

Huge fan of the site, has really enhanced my enjoyment of the golf tournaments since i discovered it and blown away by the functionality, knowledge and rigour of the analysis so please don’t see any of the below as criticism or being negative.

  1. Live Model
    The pre-tournament predictions with the adjustable position implied percentage is really helpful for (i) differing each way terms and (ii) Top 30/40 markets. Understand that it is a big ask to be able to do that for each of the Live updates but it would be really helpful to have a downloadable end of round prediction table available after the round that had the adjustable position implied percentage functionality.

Could you please include a toggle for implied percentage and European Odds as per other pages?

  1. Match-up and 2-/3-Ball scratch page
  • Please include all scheduled 2-/3- Balls (at least for the PGA tour) even if no markets open
  • Outright Betting Tool includes Betfair and Skybet who offer the 2-/3-Balls market, could they pleae be added to the Match-Up Tool?
  1. Prop Tool
  • Could you please include the Bet365 group betting as a preset?
  • Could you please include a table even when only 2/3 golfers are that Nationality?
  • Is it possible to have regions as well as Nationalities (i.e. Top Asian / Top GB & Ireland / Top Continental European / Top Australasian / Top South American)?
  1. Custom Simulation
  • Could you please make it clearer as to what is the effective breakeven odds of the selection. The expected value edge is useful but I tend to then recalculate to find when EV is zero.
  • One of the bookmakers I use has a round match offering that has a Dead Heat rule if a tie, not simple Void/Loss. Could this be added as an option
  • Can you add the ability to have 3-Balls for the Event as it is a bookmaker market?
  1. Upsell me!
    I think the API offering would be really useful to me but despite being very comfortable in Excel have no idea how to incorporate your API data offerings. Is it possible to have a sample Excel workbook or Google Sheet that demonstrates the functionality? Maybe even a youtube tutorial video? I think I would be an easy sell if I saw the functionality in action.

  2. Process
    It would be really helpful to have a weekly timetable with expected timing on availablity of the prediction model and updates.

It would be useful to have an easy way of tracking changes in each model prediction - maybe just how the outright market is changing? A number of bookmakers offer cash out functionality so positions can be adjusted.

A notification system for new content and bets being made would be super useful. Even a changelog when updates are made would help.

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I’d like to be able to look at the fair odds for top 30/40.

I also don’t think it helps anyone when you’ve put up the fair odds for the place markets on the PGA Tour in response to only Pinnacle putting up the place markets, where they don’t have a single golfer as value.

re the top 30/40, there is a custom finish position column on the right-hand side of the pga tour predictions page.

re the posting of odds… yes this has become a big problem. We could wait until Tuesday to post our stuff but I think some people wouldn’t like that either. Our odds are affecting the place / outright markets a lot at pretty much every book (DK seems to have recently started copying ours exactly almost…). Not sure what a good solution is.

@Obgeoff thanks for the suggestions! The API does have all 2/3-balls regardless of whether they are offered anywhere. The other suggestions are all doable… we’ll reply here with updates on them. For the custom simulation, your last bullet point – what do you mean? You can select 3-balls from the tab above the simulation output.

Thanks Matt.

The three balls comment is for an option to have a trio for the tournament not just a round.

On draft kings odds, you will be interested in this podcast if you haven’t heard it - It’s an interview with a golf odds compiler. Turns out he is the Golf Lead for Kambi who are the outsource sportsbook solution for DraftKings and a number of others. He appears to be a big fan of Datagolf so not surprised their odds are matching yours.

Would it be possible to have odds for leading after rounds 2 and 3? Books are now starting to offer 2nd Round leader after Round 1 is done and 3rd Round leader after Round 2 is done.

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Also there are no live Top 10 odds before the cut. It goes from Win, T5, T20, and Cut. I would find the T10 odds useful.

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Great find on the Podcast, thanks!
Just FYI but DraftKings are moving away from Kambi since they bought their main competitor a year ago: SBTech

One simple/small feature I would like is the option to select/find more than ONE golfer on the “Live Tournament Stats” page => ie you could add a comma in search box to have multiple golfers selected/appear.


Yes, was going to mention this and forgot! Ironically, things have taken a noticeable turn at DK towards our numbers only after the switch from Kambi.

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i love the concept of the API too and am sure it would be highly useful and take a lot of manual work out of my top10/20 modelling every week. however, i too have no idea how best to use it so any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated.

First off, love DG and use it as my main data source for working on DFS! I have been getting more and more in to Showdown slates on DK and the live tournament stats and true strokes gained areas are staples to my process. I have 2 requests that I think are probably fairly easy to implement and will go a long way for finding an edge with Showdowns:

  1. Adding the ability to filter the ‘True Strokes Gained’ page by historic rounds.
  2. On the ‘Live Tournament Stats’ page, having a comparison button to toggle a players historical SG data versus the current tournament stats. Ideally, it would be great to compare against last ‘X’ number of rounds, but just having a default of last 6 months would be a great tool to compare a recent baseline versus the live stats (after typing it, this one seems like more work).

When I see that a player is well below their baseline in any given round within a tournament it suggests that they should (could) come back closer to their mean and helps me to narrow down my player pool. Right now I jump back and forth between both pages and to manually find those gems, it’s an arduous process but your tools make it possible. Thanks!


This would be awesome please make this happen!!

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A built-in bet tracker would be handy. I currently use the Action Network app to track my PGA wagers. However, it’s extremely unreliable and does not offer the European or Korn Ferry Tours. I’ve tried spreadsheet tracking with good intentions but seem to abandon it within a few weeks.

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Do you currently use the API at all? If you work in Excel or Google Sheets, it only takes a few clicks to set up a live T5/T10/T20 odds feed for all the books we cover using the finish position endpoint.

I am not very tech savvy so excuse me if this is obvious but is there any way to isolate 2 or 3 players? When looking at matchups using live strokes gained, I always have to filter for 1, then go back, filter again…

@Skyfish @Theflyingwasp @Obgeoff
Just added the ability to search multiple players at once on live stats page. I think it works pretty nicely using Skyfish comma recommendation, let us know if you can think of a way to make it more efficient.


@Willieb83 @Obgeoff

I think the best way to get started is through google sheets (or excel if you aren’t using a macbook). You just need to install this plugin. Once installed, it will be found under Add-ons menu and labelled “API Connector”

When you create a connection, make sure method is set to “GET” and that in the url, you set file_format=csv. Here is the “API URL path” for the pga live model (you can find your api key and all urls/options here):<YOUR KEY>

Here is what the sheet will look like:

You can refresh this on a schedule (or manually) which will allow you to very easily work our data into your own process, as you can attach formulas and merge other sheets with this one.

Most of our pages have an API feed attached to them, just hover over the
Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 3.58.07 PM
icons to get the url corresponding to the current page.

Happy to answer any Qs. If you have a lot it might be a good idea to start a new topic.


It works perfect!
THANKS a lot :slight_smile:

I also love the site, have no criticisms of it but just a couple of easy to implement suggestions:
Rough schedule of expected model release for each weeks PGA, Euro and KF
Run the scratch tools more often in between rounds if possible (lately ive only seen it run once in between rounds)

Maybe one idea is to adopt the same mechanism (player comparison with commas)
for the True SG Query tool?

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