Predicted Birdies

Is there a place to find the predicted birdies by player for each round? I’m assuming this is generated with the model for fantasy predictions but wondering if it’s available to scratch members.

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I am also interested in this if it exists, but I don’t think it does. Even just historical data to reference would be convenient.

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I do know they are aware of the potential opportunity in the newer markets that have been popping up, so I’m sure it it is being considered at least

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I’m pretty sure this is accounted for in the fantasy projections

It is simulated as part of the fantasy projections, but they are not on the site anywhere. A few people have asked about hole-level projections like these, something we are thinking about adding.

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Would be useful for the Bet365 Player Totals market. The odds looks off to me, particularly on bogey over/under. Pretty sure you could make money on it by betting unders on the guys high on the bogey avoidance rankings (ideally adjusted for course difficulty).

They are willing to have a €4 liability against my bets so not worth much to me unfortunately.

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PrizePicks does birdie or better matchups. Should be able to smash those.

Yep, I’ve done well here with the custom matchup tool but an actual birdie prediction would take it next level.

Has this (predicted birdies) been added anywhere by chance?

if they are off … they won’t be once DG adds the tool! haha.