Presidents Cup Tickets

With the Presidents Cup in Canada this year I plan on attending.

I have never attended one of those events and was wondering what is the best way to get tickets at a decent price.

Do tickets price for Presidents Cup (or Ryder Cup I guess) go through the roof in the event’s upcoming weeks ? Are Saturday/Sunday more expensive ?

Should I buy as early as possible or can I wait until closer to the event ?

Also, is anybody else planning to attend ?

Nice. Is there a lottery for the Presidents Cup? There is for the Ryder Cup, but there is also way more demand for it.

No lottery. There was a presale ending yesterday I think.
General admission 195$ (Canadian Dollars) for saturday/sunday, and I think 165$ for thursday/friday.
There was also 2 kinds of more luxury tickets in tents around 15-16-17 holes, was more expensive but don’t remember the exact price.