Problems with Caesar's Dead Heat Payouts

Has anyone here had problems with Caesaer’s dead heat payouts? I wagered $900 on Nick Taylor to finish top 20 at the Scottish Open at +900. He finished tied for 19th with five other golfers.

That should be two winning spots, and four losing spots which would mean a payout of $2453 by my calculation.

I was paid out only $1533.33. The agents have repeatedly said their traders have been over it and that dead heat rules say that since their was a six way tie, the payout is divided by six. When I try to explain that would be true if it were a tie for 20th, but this was a tie for 19th, I get rejected. Trying to work my way up the Caesar’s chain but wondering if anyone else has had issues with this. It is Caesar’s in PA.

If this is how they pay dead heat payouts it massively changes what I would wager there, and I don’t think DG has a tool for computing it this way, right?

Yeah, keep at it, they’re wrong

They fixed it. Thanks.