Ryder Cup 2023 - one year to go

Was just thinking about starting an early thread when I saw the DG coverage short cut on the front page so perfect timing to pull the trigger. I hope Migliozzi can show some stability and work his way in on the euro team. I think he’s a man for the bigger occasions and will bring his A-game. But that’s about it for now, can’t struggle to make the cut 2 out 3 times.

Speaking of young players with fire power R Hojgaard is the obvious one taking his game to a higher (more stable) level. Good run to finish up the euro season.

Tough to compete with the americans ridiculous depth either way´though. Just glad it’s on euro soil this time. Evens it out a bit even though this young american generation seems motivated enough to actually care, unlike what it looked like in 2018.

And thanks to Will and Matt for the Ryder Cup coverage page. Looks good.


One interesting point is that it seems like the skillset of the European team will be more similar to the American team than past years. This might actually work to their disadvantage (ignoring the fact that all else equal being longer means you will be better at golf) in the sense that they can’t trick out the course to favour their skillset over the Americans’. At Le Golf National they did that to an extreme degree, making the penalty for a missed fairway very severe. I haven’t actually looked at the data from past teams, but it feels like the top Americans are more accurate and the top Europeans are longer (relative to their respective past teams).


If all else fails, you can always set up the course soft with slow grainy greens and no rough
Set it up similar to Champions Tour or the All Thailand Golf Tour
Basically you want the average score to be -4 or so
Hey, everyone likes birdies and it’s all about winning, so why not

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Honestly, this is the correct strategy if they want to win.