Saudi International: a retrospective

Safe to say we had a whale of a tournament

We may have just witnessed the start of a new era in professional golf

We’ll see how the balance of power shifts, but I think it’s pretty safe to say there is enough room in the world of professional golf for a 3rd major tour. I have no doubt that the new Asian Tour can support 8-10 big money events with strong fields

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And a big shout out to Harold Varner III! What a finish

We’ll be seeing more from him, I’m certain


DG loved him too :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Completely agree, what a tournament from start to finish. With the ATT only having a handful of the top 30 players in the world it’s definitely an interesting time in golf. That being said all the top guys got massive paychecks just to appear, so as long as the well doesn’t run dry (literally) this could be a big step forward for the Asian Tour.

Good week for DG bettors, HV3 and Bubba were both on my list and seeing HV3 close it out on 18 (2am my time) was just nuts. Woke the cat up.

Tommy Fleetwood continues to not impress and Arnaus looked like he couldnt handle the wind. Couldn’t ask for more!

Great start, keeping my fingers crossed

Hoping for more!

(The wind helped too. Increased the level of drama and prevented the tournament from becoming a 20-25 under birdie fest)

Next up, International Series Thailand (March 3-6)
This won’t be a full fledged event like the Saudi International but I can guarantee that the field won’t suck

I’m guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of a European Tour event. I think they have a good chance of drawing Mickelson, Westwood, and Poulter as well.

It seems that the New Zealand Open will be added in the near future which will be a similar quality event. It should draw a few decent Australiasian players as well. It used to be a pretty decent event and has good history. A few dollar signs and it will be back to its former glory

There’s another event in England and another one in the works in the USA. At a minimum they can draw European Tour quality fields there.

As I said before there are already 8-10 tournaments in place outside of the PGA and DP World Tours that draw decent fields and pay out loads of appearance fees. If the Asian Tour hits the co-sanction buttons on the lion’s share of these events you have a real tour.

Decent chance they can get some combination of Mickelson, Poulter, Westwood, Stenson, Harrington, and maybe a couple of others to participate in a large portion of these 8-10 big events. We’ll see!

Also I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Mickelson went scorched earth on the PGA Tour. I think he’s setting up his next move

Let’s see if he shows up in Thailand