Source of truth for cutline logic

Is there a simple source of truth for cutline logic that anyone knows of?

I know it can vary per event and per tour but is this data stored and exposed somewhere in datagolf’s APIs or is there a source of truth website people would recommend for finding it?

I tend to google around and find what I think is the source of truth but it’s not always straightforward which seems surprising.

Do we think that there’s an option to add it to the DataGolf APIs?

I can imagine it would be useful to a few people to have it listed in say the field updates api, along side the other event metadata like name, course etc

Also for historical data I think it would make sense to have it in say the historical data event ids.

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You mean the cut rules for the event? e.g. top 65 and ties?

yeah exactly!

As from what I’ve seen the cut line rules change sometimes

cut rules are always the same, or easy to find on tournament’s website when they change.
Top 65 and ties for most tournaments
Top 60 and ties for The Masters
Top 50 and ties + any player 10 shots or less behind leader for like 3 signature events

Actually Masters is only T50! :smiley:

And the PGA is T70, US Open T60. British Open… actually not sure off the top of my head, I’d guess T70.

I do find myself googling cut line rules a few times per year, and I agree it’d be useful to have in the API. But there is no source of truth that I always trust. We could maybe become that source of truth… but that would just be built off me or Will googling stuff.

The other week actually I found out that KFT events don’t count amateurs when deciding their cut, because it was the difference between the cutline moving or not. I guess it’s rare enough that I never noticed it in our KFT live model. The European Tour also does this; PGAT does not.

Yep. My bad.
Guess it would be useful to have it listed here somewhere then ! :joy:

yeah I think it would make sense for DataGolf to become the source of truth for it.

I think on the Euro tour it’s top 65 but I’m not sure if that’s always the case or not.

It would also be great to see it for the historical events and well as up and coming.

Not sure how hard that is, I assume there data is there somewhere.

Challenge tour is typically top 60 and ties

Looking at this weeks tournament, the Genesis Scottish Open it’s hard to tell if it’s 65 and ties or 70 and ties.

I agree there seems to be no clear source of truth that you can trust which is annoying.

From what I can see previous Scottish Opens have been top 65 & ties. Anyone else know for this week?

Yeah it’s a regular PGA Tour event, so it’s T65 and ties.

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Just a heads up it looks like The Open is top 70 and ties this week.

and it looks like for Barracuda it’s top 65 including ties + within 10 shots of lead. Not 100% sure but that’s what google is telling me :slight_smile:

PGAT events are T65 and ties. No 10-shot rule (especially not this week as it’s the one points-based scoring event).

I feel like you are making this more complicated than it needs to be.

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Sorry for adding noise