Sporttrade Exchange

Does anyone use Sporttrade? Looks like it’s only available in NJ and Colorado. It is an easy option for us to add (thanks to their API) but wanted to gauge interest level first.

Hello! I am the CEO of Sporttrade. I am of course completely conflicted on this topic. However, I will say, even to those who don’t have access to Sporttrade (currently in NJ, CO, soon IA), our markets are all 2 sided, with a lot of liquidity, and our in-play markets are usually 2% wide.

In other words, there’s value to having Sporttrade on DataGolf, as it’s going to be an increasingly important data point. If anyone ever wants to chat - text me at 484 678 8791. Thanks.

Hi Matt, this is Anthony from Sourced Betting. I second Alex’s comment. I have been using your model and betting on SportTrade with a lot of success. It would be great if you included them. Thanks a lot!

What’s your policy on limiting winners?

We do not limit winners. Our platform is almost identical to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. It’s build on the same technology.

Essentially, licensed market makers supply bids and offers on each outcome, (for example, Charley Hoffman to win the WM).

Halfway thru Sunday, I noticed that Hoffman was:
Bid: $32 (allowing players to bet NO at -213)
Offer: $34 (allowing players to bet YES at +194)

Customers can then place bets that match against those bids and offers. They are matched instantly, no spinny wheel.

Nowhere in our system do we even have the technology to limit a player.

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I wish you success. We need a national stock like market in the US.

are you available in Canada?

Thank you! We are not available in Canada. A best-case scenario for us would be that we are live in 5 total states by EOY.

I would say:
Over 4.5 states by EOY: $43 (+130-ish)
Under 4.5 states by EOY: $58 (-139-ish)


Let me take this opportunity to say the in-play golf markets on Sporttrade are just insane.
Just watching the markets live, you can sense when a player has hit a bad shot, because the markets are so much tighter and more sensitive to little things as a result.

Basically for all of R4 yesterday, every golfer was $1 to $2 wide, allowing players to frictionlessly enter/exit positions shot by shot.

Ok no more shameless plugs from me!

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Are the in-play golf markets really active? Or is that just mainly 1-2 market makers supplying lines with a $1-2 spread?

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Just so I understand, this is different than a traditional UK or European exchange where the bettor can lay and essentially set their own odds?

Edit: Maybe Colorado is different because Sporttrade doesn’t look like an exchange in the app to me?

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They’re incredibly active. Markets on each golfer in contention are updating several times a second in some cases. That’s the market makers responding to game state data and also real-time fills from players.

In NJ, players can rest orders, in CO, they can’t (yet).

Its similar mechanically, with some cool differences;

  1. The app is a bit easier to use if you’re sort of a traditional bettor. You can just see everything in American odds. You don’t have to worry about placing unmatched orders, etc

  2. For players who want to go deep, it offers more control and protection than any other “exchange”. In our next release, customer will be able to submit limit orders with a custom time expiry, and resting orders are eligible for price improvement.

Here’s an example. Hoffman birdies 15 to take a 3 shot lead, and you know there will be about a minute until Taylor, Scheffler, or Hoffman take their next shot.

Hoffman is:
Bid: $58 (no at +138)
Offer: $60 (yes at -150)

So, you bid $59 (yes at -144) on Hoffman, and set your order to expire in 60 seconds.
In that 60 seconds, you can get some or all of your order filled, but you know it will cancel in 60 seconds. If the market does jump against you, and the new market is B: $55 O: $57, your limit buy at $59 will get shifted to $57 then filled (yes at -133).


Mooseman here. I would like to add my vote for adding Sporttrade to DG. Thanks

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If it’s easy, I say go for it, but one concern that I have is that the exchanges probably move far too fast for the data to stay fresh. The lines that DG grabs will be a reference point, but almost guaranteed to be stale by the time anyone takes action.

That depends on how quickly DG wants to update. We will send price updates every 1 second.

The other fun thing about exchanges is this:

Let’s say Data Golf is showing that after 2 rounds, Scheffler’s true is 28% win probability.

Sporttrade has the following market:

Bid: 26%
Ask: 28%

Let’s further suppose you disagree with that valuation. You think it’s closer to 25%.

So, you offer 27% odds to the market. (Essentially you’re willing to bet NO at 73% odds, -270).

You’ve now leveraged a unique feature to get filled on sporttrade knowing that offering 27% will quickly get scooped up by a DG disciple.

I think DataGolf only updates sportsbook odds about every three hours or so, hence my comment.

Who are the market makers?

Oh I see. Is there an odds screen you use for golf?

Licensed entities, one is called DL Trading.