Swedish amateur star Ludvig Aberg turns down LIV-offer to "play in the big tournaments and make a name for myself..."

Just read a swedish article about it. Apparently he has turned down an offer earlier this year. Some source says he was offered 15 000 000 USD but he denies it was quite that much, but still a very high number, so maybe 10? Not sure how much Chaccara got but something like that. No surprise he got the offer but haven’t read his own words about it.

He says he don’t want to be associated with Saudi Arabia and that you “burn many bridges” by choosing LIV.

You can read it here. Svenske jättetalangen ratar monstersumman | Golf | Expressen Probably a decent translation in your browser.

All in all he express a “money isn’t everything”-kinda attitude and talks in high regards of the PGA/Euro tour, majors and the Ryder Cup as his means of motivation.