This week's test cases: Schwab and Leishman

DFS seems to love these guys. DG hates them (I’ve lost a lot of money fading Leishman).

Small sample size I know but it’ll be interesting to see if these two perform this week

Yup, always the same with leish.
Playing like a beast today, especially APP. Besides the shank from the bunker. Everytime I’ve checked he’s put an 180 yard iron within 8 feet or so.

Ya, Leishman is an old nemesis. I would be interested though if we’ve overall lost money betting on him. Easy to remember the losses, but there have been a lot of wins too. I’m not sure why we are still reliably low on him – for a while it was because the markets seemed to discount (perhaps rightly) Leishman’s horrible run in late 2020 in the FedExCup playoffs, but that data is now pretty much out of the relevant window. DG rank and OWGR rank for Leish are also approximately equal at the moment.

Yea, it’s so easy to mentally get locked in those kind of “truths”. Nothing new to a former poker player. Another “test” for me is Conners. He’s ranked 13 vs 31 DG vs OWGR and often shows value I feel. 18 spots difference seems huge in that interval. Have a position 2.35x tourney matchup vMcIlroy which I like(d) a lot either he’s overvalued in general or not. It was just too high pre.

Schenk (and therefore Schwab) basically only golfer(s) that has made me happy this week. DG spot on regarding Schwabs abilities :wink:

Leishman stinks. Conners threw that match away. I will continue looking for any opportunities to bet against Leishman.

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Conners is useless bettingwise. But of course Im on the f-ing Conners-train once again. Great start…
And there’s absolutely no chance he turns this around with amateur iron shots like he’s shown so far.

Alrighty then. Leish collapsing.

Cashed with Leishman MC and am happy.
Maybe I got lucky though. His results are pretty solid. Seldom misses the cut and usually finishes in the Top 40 when he does.

Probably one of the top 20 players in an average-strength PGA Tour field.

Dude has had a good career and is still going strong.

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Wow, Schwab has no wins, surprised by that.
I remember him going off as one of the favorites every time he teed it up in Europe
3 top 10’s early in the year so he’s probably good for the FedEx Cup playoffs.