Thoughts about Sub Tours

First of all, this page has been very helpful and it has helped me find a few extra wagers on a weekly basis.

Alas - another week goes by where the Sub Tours are late in publishing the field list to the Official World Golf Rankings website. The Australasian Tour did not publish until they had already teed off. Japan doesn’t bother to publish at all. South African seems to operate in a similar manner.

Japan, Australasia, and South Africa are often covered by the books so there are some real missed opportunities.

I have no idea why they can’t submit a (provisional) field when they publish tee times more than a day in advance.

I have emailed these tours before about the late field submissions before. I have also emailed the OWGR website. Alas, no luck (so far).

I appreciate what Data Golf has done though. One thing is for sure: it has helped expose just how bad the juice is on the Champions Tour events. Obviously books do make mistakes but it’s hard to win when even the mistakes only return 90 cents on the dollar.

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