Thoughts on the new PGA Tour website?

Well, what does everyone think? I’m not sure they redesigned the leaderboard with much input from hardcore fans / gamblers.

I think it’s a lot harder to track live shots for multiple guys now: the scorecard / shot tracker window is way too big and I had a lot of loading issues yesterday (hopefully they can resolve that), there is no “view group” option anymore (although you can see a full group’s tracker on the tee times page), and there is no hover on the shot tracker diagram anymore. I’m sure there are other small things that I wasn’t fully aware of that made me like the old version more.

Change is always annoying, so in part I’m just reacting to change, but I really liked the old leaderboard. I don’t know why everyone (on Twitter, anyways) complained about it. Yes they had bugs from time to time but that’s because providing live shot updates for a new golf course every week is hard! Hopefully they are going to respond to feedback and make improvements on the new site going forward. It also seems like they redid their backend as well, so it’s somewhat impressive there haven’t been any huge problems for them yet.

I don’t use the mobile app as much, but it has been pretty good I think. It seems way faster than the website for loading a player’s scorecard / tracker.


The general feel/aesthetic seems like an improvement for a casual fan. For people whose weekly ritual involved sweating 100 bets via the shot tracker and for whom the old interface felt like second-nature, there is going to be an adjustment period.

I think the less-saturated color scheme and general design principles/ feng-shui of the new site are better (for what its worth).

What the really should have done is had you and will re-do their site.

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Lets be honest they should have just jammed the IMG widget on a page with nothing else and gone to lunch. Many more books are going to integrate that widget and all leader board sweating will be done by your bookmaker app if you bet.

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Yeah IMG is decent, but I still preferred the old PGA Tour leaderboard to that.

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I’m cannot stand the new PGA tour mobile app. The names get truncated to the point that you may not know who you are looking at. They add “Titleist” after the name and it takes away a lot of real estate on the name line.

The prior PGA tour mobile app was fine and I don’t see why they changed it. The fonts were rather small but you got more info on the Leaderboard screen.

Also, the app for the PC does not consistently retain your saved players. That is annoying for a bettor. I find that it happens in Chrome the most, using Firefox does help.


I think they have really “over-thought” the new mobile app.

It sucks, massive downgrade.

Website is a lot slower.

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Anybody know how to bring in data for the new site in a spreadsheet? Importhml doesn’t work anymore.

What pages did you used to get data from? The new site is completely different (on front and back ends), and it’s a lot harder to get any data out of it.

Things like OWGR, korn ferry standings, etc.

So like the player profile pages?

Standings, like this:

While it’s a bit harder to do than on the old site, you can still manually copy and paste the data into Excel and write a VBA macro to format/process as you see fit. The pasting may vary by browser used and also if it’s a basic paste or paste special, so experiment to get the best starting point. I do this for several pages, e.g. SG data, and was delighted when the site changed /s. Of course, if the source page changes, your VBA will have to change to handle it, but this doesn’t happen often on the PGA Tour site, outside of a site refresh like this.

I’m with you Matt. The old site was very good and this new site is just terrible. The ability to “add players”, follow each shot and see a picture of the hole design was perfect and, unless I’m missing something, all of those options are history. Why the powers that be would decide to eliminate their very best features is senseless. Let’s hope they listen to the users and at least bring those options back.

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