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Scottie Scheffler would probably do better chipping on the green. Fucking pathetic.


Ya… not good.

Also @Basemovie are you a bot? :grinning:

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Watching Scheffler put from 6 feet is incredibly stressful.

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-13 with 8 to go, live FRL odds must have been very high… tough.


Scottie has the playoff yips.

He might become a problem in the Ryder Cup. He will have to play all 5 matches - pressure putts are not his friend. I think the shorty he missed against Burns in the Matchplay was the start of all this putter angst.


Ugh, that one still hurts.

Lol no im a real person


Already fucked by Scheffler so hope he fails miserably. Yes, I said it. Let’s go everyone else.


Were you the one that pointed out the Scheffler +450 to win FedEx on DK a few weeks ago? If so, I’m not mad, I sat on ridiculous value all the way up to mid first round of this week. Those kind of bets are going to reward in the long term.


Yup, we’ll get through this set back too, no worries :grin: :sweat_smile:

I forgot to say this after the Tournament finished, but goddamn, Jim Nantz can call sports. He had like 4 quote worthy lines ready to go for Viktor that were all so clever/funny/poetic.

‘Go to Norway and you’re on top of the world’

‘This years FedexCup Viktor/Victor’

‘Something about the sky’s opening up after the rain delay…’

I hope everyone else caught them all, it really was a nice telecast and good on Xander for making it somewhat exciting down the stretch.

Jim Nantz appreciation thread, what a guy.