Tournament prop tool through 2 rounds not updated

Hi, seems like PGA tourny props tool is not updated after round 2.

Given the choice I would prefer to have the props tool updated and the finishing positions page not updated.

I lost the opportunity to bet on 5-10 +EV wagers just last night because the books adjusted too quick

Hehe, yeah. Can’t win them all though. Always a battle to get your bets in time.

Seems like the h2h-lines haven’t updated either, like the scraping doesn’t work? 1.95 on Griffin vs Riley is long, long gone, same with pinny lines.

Just noticed bet365 having higher margins on some h2hs also. 1.83-1.83 on coinflip matchups usually only seen on smaller markets. edit: They have corrected that now.

Thanks for the heads up. There were a couple unrelated issues causing these problems. Updated now.

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