US Open shot tracking data

Shot by shot data for each player is here.

The player id seems to be the PGA tour id.

I can’t figure how the coordinates though. For example, the short par 4 fifth hole is listed at 315 yards. The coords for pin and tee are

pinPosition’: {‘x’: 0.730729792982035, ‘y’: 0.2589653138142309},
‘teePosition’: {‘x’: 0.1584276569860051, ‘y’: 0.6837997193737747}},

The formula for finding distance I am using is np.sqrt((x2-x1)**2+(y2-y1)**2)

I cant figure out what units of measure they are using because I get them close to 315 yards or 945 feet etc.

Yeah their data is awful, we spent a few hours with it this morning trying to get our live stats page going but there are too many mistakes (many missing locations, shots clearly out of order on a hole). Their SG seems okay, so they must have higher-quality data somewhere that they use for that. The coordinates I think correspond to positions on their images (hence why there is no ‘z’).

Makes us appreciate the quality of PGA Tour data on a weekly basis.