Way to see projected strokes per round?

Recently joined and have been poking around to see if there is anywhere that shows expected round scores? (ex: 71 strokes)

We don’t have player-specific raw score projections anywhere on the site (something we should add probably…). You can get a rough idea of what they should be by looking at our overall expected score for the field on the fantasy projections page, and then combining that with our predicted skill levels for the week.

The expected score is what we expect the average score to be for the specific group of players that is playing, so you’d want to de-mean the predicted skills (i.e. if Scheffler is 1.5 strokes better than the avg player who made the cut, and we are predicting 3rd round scoring average to be 73, then we would be projecting Scheffler to shoot 71.5). And this is all somewhat approximate because we do update player skill as the tournament progresses.