What are some secrets to a good golf swing?

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My name is Travis. I am living in California and love to play golf. I am playing golf for the last 5 years. I am also using the Pinpoint Golf strokes gained stats app to know my scores and the strength of my strokes. Can anyone tell me, what are secrets to a good golf swing? All suggestions are important and help me to improve my game. Thanks in advance!!


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I would like to know the secret to a good short game too LOL

I mean if I don’t duff any shots from 100 yards and in and rarely 3-putt I’m looking at breaking 90 easy

That’s when golf starts to get fun

(Obviously I don’t. I duff like 80% of my short game shots and I 3-putt like 50% of the time. Golf is not fun LOL)

I for one is a big fan of the Mike Austin (and Mike Dunaway) swing. Also (former) swedish long driving champion Marcus Edblad has a youtube channel in english with great material ( https://www.youtube.com/@GolfwithMarcusEdblad ). Former Ice Hockey player who picked up golf at 30 (now 50). VERY simple principles and easy to understand. Alot of Mike Austin in his swing.

Padraig Harrington has a youtube series that is, in my view, the best material for someone new to the game.

Hi Travis

Let me suggest that you broaden your focus to include other important skill-based aspects of the game. It’s important to note that skill and technique are not synonymous. Skill encompasses a player’s overall abilities and abilities to execute, while technique refers to the specific actions and movements used to perform a specific task.

It’s important not to become obsessed with technique as it does not always lead to improvements in skill. For example, focusing on hitting the center of the club more often, improving your ground strike, and having a tempo that is in line with a tour player’s - which is always 3:1 - can all greatly improve your contact with the ball.

The time it takes to complete your backswing and transition should be 3x longer than it takes to make contact with the ball - Try ‘Tour Tempo’ App

Tape some builders tape over your club face and see how often you are actually hitting the center of the club. Measure it out of 10 maybe with each club.

Draw a line with some chalk or use some non-permanent spray so you can easily see where you are striking the ground with each swing. You don’t even need a ball for that one. Are you consistently striking your target or are you behind the line (Fat) or in well in front (Thin)

These skills and aspects of your game should be measurable, and by repeatedly practicing and measuring success or failure, you can allow your body to self-organize and become a better golfer without focusing so much on technique.

I recommend taking a well-rounded approach that incorporates these skills, as well as strategy, mental toughness, physical fitness, and practice. By focusing on these areas, you’ll become a more well-rounded golfer and achieve more consistent success on the course.

Technique is important but just as important is skill, look at all the tour players - NONE of them have the same swing. What does that tell you? That their is more than one way to hit the ball.

Good luck


Well said! And coming from a man who downed Ryan Fox on a golf course no less!

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Anything can happen over 9 putting holes!

Get lessons from a pro who works with the strengths you have, ignore online videos that try to “beautify” your swing such as trying to swing like Louis Oosthuizen and Adam Scott or tries to get you to do something that doesn’t come naturally (like the bowed left wrist of DJ or Rahm).

Without seeing your swing, it’s very hard to say you should work on X. Almost everything that is good and bad in your swing, some good player will also do it. So in terms of one thing that is true across all good players, basically try and look like the attached image at impact. Almost every improvement you can make will work towards that position. Every pro does something unique in their swing but they generally all come to this sort of position at impact.


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ULOSTSOWAT, thanks for the information…

Thanks for the info.