What content/journalists/podcasts/etc add value outside of DG?

While I have been called a troll on here before, I just wanted to point out how much DG adds to my enjoyment of golf. The number of times I get on here to check say what Bhatia is good at, or Dean Burmester’s career or Kieran Vincent’s path to millions is innumerable and can’t be found elsewhere. Leipzig, all the Masters data, etc, it’s just incredible. The Ryder Cup recap tearing apart all the guys “analyzing it” was one of my favorite golf pieces ever. But there has to be other places that do good stuff, maybe writing or color or news wise, right?

I enjoy listening to Shotgun Start and most of the time No Laying Up, but I am not sure how much they actually add to my enjoyment of watching the golf on TV and how much is just kind of I enjoy listening to them.

The graphics they show on TV of the scores depending on where your drive/approach goes is a huge addition to my enjoyment.

The LIV addition of the color of the difficulty of the holes is a nice addition.

ESPN+ showing historical score on a hole is a nice addition.

Alan Shipnuck’s LIV book was fantastic and he seems to be basically the only golf writer with sources on both sides and maybe the only one clued in enough to listen to.

any websites, writing, pods, graphics, etc that add to your enjoyment/knowledge of golf?


The Smylie Show and The Member Guest Podcast are fantastic. Listen to those and use DG basically every day. That’s it for me.

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The Member-Guest like with Brendan Steele and Keegan? Are they still releasing new episodes?

No, this is my buddies podcast. Great content if you are trying to improve your golf game. They also have sweet merch! Check em out!

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