Who is Daniel Brown?

I thought I followed professional golf fairly closely, but I guess not. Who the hell is this guy? Have any of you even heard of him before this week?

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I think he’s been +EV for basically every Euro Tour event he’s played all season.

Honestly I always mix up Baldwin and Brown for some reason. Not sure I’d ever seen Brown’s face before this week.

I was looking for a place to put this and laughed at this thread’s title.

Who is Frank Kennedy? Or more specifically why is it so hard to find evidence of his golfing existence. He’s in the Kenya field and from researching he’s a 19yo who has a quite a bit of talent. In the top 10 at one of the Aussie events.

However there’s no profile here and when I went to look for stats from that Aussie event there are none. He’s on the leaderboard but not under any of the stats categories.


Haha, ya I’ve definitely seen his name before but never really looked into him.

Looks like we have 94 rounds on him (we require 100 to get a profile page as a pro). Looks like he turned pro last summer; will add him manually so he’s in our profiles starting next week.