Bet Tracker - Beta Testing

My bad… should be in there now.


Does anyone know if Scrivener teed off? Unsure if his WD means voided bet or a loss.

He didn’t tee off. His time is 140 local.

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this please!! :slight_smile: love it except I think this is a must

What is EOY haha? I’m still in the dark on that.

Think it’s end of year (as also thought that could be useful)!

Right now we don’t calculate profit until the page is loaded by the user. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but it’s proving to be suboptimal.

This front end calculation method makes it hard to display weekly profit across multiple tours and calculate EOY (end of year?) values. It may be the case that we need to move to a back end calculation method so the files themselves contain the bet outcomes. While painful to transition, it would make aggregation across tours, weeks, years, players, etc. easy.

In any case, this is high on our priority list so you should hopefully see some updates in the coming weeks.


Starting today we will be saving user bet results from the previous week. In the future you’ll be able to see profit over time and access your old bet slips. To ensure historical accuracy you should manually grade any errors and ungraded bets by Monday morning—that is when the “save” will usually happen.



A couple of additional feedback items from me:

  • on mobile, since the running total weekly status has been included, the link to the live model has disappeared. I found it really useful so would be great if it could be retained.
  • drop down for finish positions. I understand the custom positions on the model can’t go beyond 50 for time and resource reasons but could the bets drop down be extended? I had a Top 76 bet last week and typically have multiple over Top 50 bets each week so it would be useful even I had to manually grade the bet.
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I can’t click and log bets directly from scratch tools on PGA tour. Weird since it works on euro tour.

correction: It’s specifically on PGA match ups it doesn’t work. Outright is fine.

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Thanks for the heads up. Fixed now.

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I track all my bets in my own Excel spreadsheet so it’s not an issue really but the DG tracker is essentially useless to me if it doesn’t allow for customisation of the e/w terms. 90% of my outright bets are on bet365’s alternative e/w markets where the EV is almost always higher than staking the standard 1/4 odds 5 places paid terms. For the majority of the field betting 1/5 8 yields the highest EV.

Edit: Actually, I made that point already in this thread. Nevermind.

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Old betting results and YTD totals have been added (starting from last week). The archive is accessible through the banner—under “My Account”—and at top of /my-bets page.


I would love to be able to filter by bookie. In the same way that you can click and filter by outright/matchup/prop (and sub categories). Any chance for a feature like that?


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You should be able to search for books in the search bar now.

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Custom each ways have been added.


Every time I add a top 20 bet on the DP Tour today, I’m automatically being forwarded to the “My Bets” page. It’s never happened before, obviously it’s a bit of a pain having to go back to the main tournament odds page after every bet.

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Yikes thanks for heads up—fixed now.

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This is just a 20 character filler to reach the word “beautiful!” :slight_smile:

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Is it also possible to have the results for a specific book shown when filtered/searched?