Bet Tracker - Beta Testing

Another suggestion is to include the “prop bet description” when searching for names. As long as the spelling is correct of course. I some times write down all the names in a group bet my pick is up against, or when laying parlays and use the prop bet category for that.

I can try adding a number below the table that just sums up the profit of the visible rows. I’ll think about it a bit more—I think it is a good idea.


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You spoil us with the quick updates! Much appreciated! Does that mean that the expected values will be summed up aswell during events? Would be kinda fun to see where you’re really at when you have many different outright and place bets.

Cheers, tried it and works fine. Prop bets included :+1:

And now I see a profit column in the bottom. Can’t complain about the productivity! :slightly_smiling_face:


Tried to manually grade some bets just to test out the profit feature but wouldn’t grade. Is it because the tournament hasn’t started and the live model isn’t running or something else?

Hm I think so, I’ll look into it. Meanwhile you should be able to test it on your archived bet slips.

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Awesome, seems to work perfectly, of course :slight_smile:
Would it be much work to add ROI within parenthesis in the same way as the summarized grand total on the top?
I’m sorry I keep bombarding you with thoughts and wishes :stuck_out_tongue:

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No worries… keep them coming. Easiest way for us to improve the product. Also we can just ignore the dumb suggestions :joy:.

Also easy for me to say as I’m not the one implementing these changes.

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Haha, perfect!

ROI already added I see and my test gradings kicked in so everything in order it seems :smiley:
Thanks again!

Can I just check on the possibility to -

  1. Ability to edit text when saving bet as ‘other’. So can manually type whichever bookmaker was used if not in the list.
  2. Ability to edit a bet once placed. Just to avoid deleting when make silly mistakes such as typing odds as 100 rather than 101

Is there any chance that we can grade archived bets, or at least extend the window for when the prior week is closed out? I had a few custom/manual bets for the Butterfield Bermuda that didn’t settle until Sunday afternoon, and by this morning I was already locked out from grading them.

I’ll look into both of these, editing has been on the to-do list for awhile.

Right now it is not really possible but something that will eventually be added. In the meantime you can email me and I can edit the files directly.


How about a “select/de-select all button” for all the betting categories between the tournament title and the search bar for names and books. Obviously not super important but seems it would be an easy thing to add?

My bets for the week have been deleted at some point between Wednesday and now.

Yeah, there was an unfortunate accident where everyone’s bet slips got deleted on Thursday… Will can restore your slip to Wednesday afternoon if you want.

That would be good, have no idea where I stand now as I have to spread bets out between three or four books.

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Another super minor suggestion - add option to change the dot next to a player’s name from green to black if desired for prop bets. For example, I have some “to finish worse than 25th” type bets where I’m essentially fading the player, but they still show up in green as though I’m backing them.

Not really to do with the bet tracker, but doesn’t merit its own thread.

On the individual golfer profiles, the “Event/Course History” page is by default set to the four majors. Is there any way that we could make that by default whatever course the player is playing this week?

Would be a bit of a time-saver than having to look up what course they’re playing this week and fix it to that every time I log in.



It keeps getting better and better. Thanks for “expected profit”!

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