Bet Tracker - Beta Testing

Loving the bet tracking feature.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to delete past bets from your betting archive? In other words, can I go back and remove bets that I tracked from a few tournaments ago?

Right now users can’t edit past bet slips. You can email me ( the bets you want to delete and I can go and edit it manually. We typically roll into the next week Monday around 10:00am eastern time, so try to get your edits in before then to be safe.

In the future you’ll hopefully be able to edit past bet slips… the way everything is organized makes it a bit difficult to set this feature up.

Looking at the bet tracker none of the test bets that I placed have been settled for the last 2 weeks what am I doing wrong?

You aren’t setting units (or setting units = 0) when logging bets. Because of this we must default to never “settling” them even though we still show the bet result.

I’ll look into this later today although it won’t really make a difference as profit will still be 0.

Got it, thank you. Can I default a unit somewhere or do I enter it each time?