Bet Tracker - Beta Testing

Loving the bet tracking feature.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to delete past bets from your betting archive? In other words, can I go back and remove bets that I tracked from a few tournaments ago?

Right now users can’t edit past bet slips. You can email me ( the bets you want to delete and I can go and edit it manually. We typically roll into the next week Monday around 10:00am eastern time, so try to get your edits in before then to be safe.

In the future you’ll hopefully be able to edit past bet slips… the way everything is organized makes it a bit difficult to set this feature up.

Looking at the bet tracker none of the test bets that I placed have been settled for the last 2 weeks what am I doing wrong?

You aren’t setting units (or setting units = 0) when logging bets. Because of this we must default to never “settling” them even though we still show the bet result.

I’ll look into this later today although it won’t really make a difference as profit will still be 0.

Got it, thank you. Can I default a unit somewhere or do I enter it each time?

Love the bet tracker. I went back through some of the posts and didn’t see them so hopefully these aren’t repeats.

  1. Being able to group bets. My profit is overstated because I may have parlayed matchups where not all are won. I like being able to see the individual matches but grouping the bets inside a parlays together would be nice.

  2. Adding a birdies or better matchup would be a great. I currently just create a custom matchup in the tool and then manually grade the bet but makes it a little tough track during live play.

Just wanted to reraise the question of whether being able to manually type the book rather than using ‘other’ could be an option?
Either through ‘other’ being an editable field, or an additional note colum - the prop bet has a free text field to show what the bet is, so if all bets just had an additional free text colum for notes I could enter the book or others could use as see fit.

The trackers great, but mine is predominantly bets placed with ‘other’ which has lead to missed recording all bets, and struggle to match things up (have to go on memory and each way terms to have an idea where a bet is!)

It’s still on the list of things to add. We’re entering into a better part of the year/season to get work done so hopefully it will be added in the next few weeks.

When we start making improvements to the tracker again I’ll post the updates in here.

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Just to get it in the right thread. Would love to be able to sort players by name and/or odds after simulating a group. Would really make it easier to scan through the odds and comparing when simulating big groups like winner without, top european, and so on.

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To clarify, you are talking about the group sim on the props tool, ya?

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The answer is yes :slight_smile:

This is not the right thread.

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Haha, you’re right of course, why did I think that? :joy:
Anyway, suggestion is noticed, atleast :grin:

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DPWT bets not updating. Stuck at end of R1.

Love the “Non PGA Tour custom models” - is it possible to get the bet tracker to log these as prop bets? Right now, you can only add names of players from the tournament selected in the bet tracker. (eg. I cannot log a US Senior Open bet)

Second question - is it possible to have the exported bet archive log the model odds as well?