Notoriously over- and undervalued

What I am saying is that you seem to feel justified by the fact that he hasn’t won recently, but what I am saying is that DG saying he is cheap is different than DG saying he is going to win.

You can do whatever you want with respect to CHIII, but if I am picking out the logical structure of your argument, it is something like:

  1. DG says CHII winning is not likely, but more likely than the books say
  2. CHIII doesn’t win
  3. Therefore DG is wrong

Which makes no sense to me. That is what I am saying.

Anyways in the spirit of actually contributing to this thread, I would watch out for Gotterup over the next few months and consider sizing down if DG wants to fade him.

Elite am at a point in his career where rapid improvement is possible with the toolset to succeed at this level. Just my two cents.

I see the anti-Howell, Cameron Champ, is smashing it today as the defending champion.

An incredibly rare case where I love backing against him in match-ups (I’ll take bets which DG say are neutral value), but I’ll also take him outright. I suppose that makes him Schrodinger’s Champ, whereby he is both over and undervalued at the same time.

High variance, very high ceiling, not afraid to win, rock bottom floor.


Completely agree with this. Gains so many strokes off the tee each week that even by pure luck putting he can win.

We are in complete agreement on Champ.

Shockingly, he rallied from that awful start to finish top 20. Inevitably, any suggestion of form will mean that he’s well-tipped for next week.


I’m going to say it: DG is sleeping on JH Kim. The guy hits a baby fade for every shot and he’s 20 years old. This guy will probably (80%) only get more consistent.

He’s winning PGA tour events comfortably and consistently performing well in bigger tournaments. Yes he hits it like 200 yards on average but that’s still going to skin the cat on many courses.

As mentioned in this thread or some other one ‘The good guys win right out of the gates’. By the way did I mention he’s only 20 years old?!

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A couple of months ago I think we liked him more than the market, but now obviously the opposite is true. He does seem really good, I agree. Game seems very similar to Sungjae. I don’t know if he can be a star, though.

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