Old School Scout Round of the Year: Call For Nominees

All, I am combing through the data a bit to decide which round of golf win win my award for round of the year (I am more of a “gut feeling and eye test” kind of guy than a stats person so this is out of character for me).

I am asking for you all to help me. Right now I have:

  1. Cameron Yound R2 62 at Riviera
  2. Cameron Smith R4 64 at the Old Course
  3. Cameron Tringale R1 61 at Reinssnce (I know… but you gotta respect a 61)
  4. Tom Kim R1 67 with a quad on one, then R4 61


Cam Smiths round of 64 was insane and he got the W. Tringales opening round was also unbelievably impressive but I cant remember if he was in the morning wave or afternoon. If it was afternoon then +1 point!

I guess Rory Rd4 at The Masters was pretty sick from a subjective view.

More objectively/hidden I think someone who performs incredibly against a weather draw like Hovland did in Rd2 at the Farmers (?) last year. Can’t recall the tournaments hit by a weather wave this year.

Maybe Bubba’s T2G clinic in Rd2 at the PGA? Gained small with the putter and shot -7, one of only three guys -4 or better.

Four rounds cracked the top 100 PGA Tour rounds since 2004 (based on true SG).


I cant give it to Rory because he missed his drive left on 15-- you can’t do that and win round of the year. If he had just hit a good one off that tee we are looking at an all-time great round.

The Byron Nelson and Valspar are junior-varsity events, so those are out. I need to think about this a little before handing out the award. …

I guess the award goes to Tringale then!

Could be a nice parting gift for him.

Tringale was in the easy wave that day however, I think his wave benefited by a couple strokes at least.


I have decided to pretend that I live in the branch of the wave-function of the universe where Roger Federer didn’t double fault on match point at Wimbledon in 2019, sars-cov-2 never happened, and Rory hit a bomb down the right side of the fairway on 15 at the 2022 Masters, setting up an eagle for a final round 62.

Rory McIlroy, player of the year and round of the year everyone!

My award goes to Kalle Samooja in the final round of the Porsche European Open

Yes there were a handful of better rounds but this came in the final round, dude came from outer space to win by 2

He must have been a 1000-1 shot before the round started


If we are going that deep Daniel, it might have been me, I had 44 points (72, +1) after literally not breaking 80 in like 3 months.

Nice round, I hope you won your handicap division!

I do attach more significance to a great round if it leads to victory (I don’t think I’m alone in this). Context does matter and Samooja’s round was an absolute miracle

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Other spectacular rounds that come to mind include:
Rory’s 61 to win his first tournament at 2010 Quail Hollow
Ridiculous first round 62 from JB Holmes in 2015 WGC Doral
Matt Jones 1st round in the Honda in 2021
Paul Casey’s 66 in the 2nd round of the 2007 US Open
Rod Pampling’s 61 in the final round of the 2015 Australian Open
Sabbatini’s 61 in the final round of the 2020 Olympics
Fowler’s 61 in the final round of the 2017 Hero World Challenge

I’m sure there are others but these are the ones that come to mind right away

McIlroy’s round 4 in the Masters was sick. Best round in the majors in 2022

Snedeker’s 69 to win the Farmer’s Insurance Open in 2016 stands out to me. The weather that day was the worst I’ve seen in a long time. His 69 was 10 strokes better than the field average that day!

Yes, that was a doozy
The PGA Tour delayed the Monday Finish until the 25mph winds came up, that was awesome
I guess they have some sense of fair play after all!

Migliozzi’s final round 62 at the French Open surely belongs on this list
Not quite as far in the space alien territory as Samooja’s comeback but he came from the clouds

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When you look at everyone else’s final round score it was unbelievable.

Yeah I put it #2 on the list behind Samooja
Conditions were slightly easier for the later players and Migliozzi was 5 back and much higher up on the leaderboard
Still a whale of a round and a very deserving #2

Migliozzi’s pricing this week will be interesting. Seeing DG hates him (started to pick up though) and market tend to over adjust players a week after success DG should show even bigger value going against him in matchups this week? Fun player for the future though. Already shown to step up when it mathers (US Open twice). Thinking of a ryder cup on home soil.

Yeah, I don’t feel good about fading Migliozzi (but I will, anyways). He’s a typical example of a player the model might not capture well: is playing at some level, goes through a horrid run of 10-15 events, but then returns to previous level. Market then prices him as if those 10-15 bad events never happened.


I am a big Guido fan, but 62 at the Le National does not get considered for OSS ROY. Gotta be at a legit course with a strong field.