Ryder Cup 2023 (it's time!)

Impressive season by Björk, and hopefully he can gain some lenght from tee so he atleast becomes a better version of Brendon Todd at the PGAT. I did follow him at Ullna and just by ocular observation it’s surprising that he doesn’t drive the ball longer. Nothing wrong with his physique, but his driver swing looks forced. Impatient at the top as well, imo.


How about pairings then? Easy to think Hovland now with some experience will act as anchor in two different scandi duos with the youngsters. Language wise its easy for swedes and norwegians to understand each other. At least so with the mild Oslo accent that Hovland has. Probably not a factor though, with the caddies involved and both being so americanized and easy speaking in english after their college years. Culture wise very similar and both seems laid back so Hovland/Åberg in atleast one session seems inevitable.

I do believe Åberg plays Pro V1x though, and Hovie regular ProV1. Hojgaard Chrome Soft X.

Btw. Median age Europe 29.5. 30 for the americans. Rosie brings up the average age quite a bit though. Oldest player by 7 years regardless of team.

Big difference from 2021. Median 33 for Eur, 28 USA.

Excellent selections from Captain Donald-- I have zero complaints whatsoever. Obviously he is put in a tough spot with such a bad player taking up one of the guaranteed spots, but he did the best he could.

Can’t wait to see Ludvig blow JT off the golf course-- go Europe!!

RE Letzig, I think the newsletter is excellent, an oasis of thoughtful golf journalism in a desert of absolute crap. With that said, I imagine it is quite time consuming, and bi-weekly or monthly would probably suffice for me. Or whenever you feel like it, for that matter.

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I’ll probably be cheering for the Americans pretty hard. Always rooted for USA, mainly because of Tiger and a general dislike of the European old guard, but I thought that might change this year potentially. But no… I’ll be backing BK and co.

Sports betting ruined sports patriotism for me. Fortunately we’ve got Åberg in and Europe backed @ 2.9x so (continental) patriotism (hm) is back! Let’s go Europe!


Some historical prices according to pinnacle article:

Not sure what exactly is shown regardin opening/close/average but you can read about it here:

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Åberg/Hovland seems very plausible.

JT not stinking up the joint is really helping my futures bets for USA to win the Ryder Cup! Hype!

The hype is real for sure! Can’t believe the US is up to almost 2.1x on the 3-way market.

You would think the punters wouldn’t be surprised that the Euro Ryder cup team are playing well in a tournament full of dusters, yet here we are.

Meanwhile JT, who is literally the US’s least likely to succeed, is having a blinder of a week and it hasn’t moved the needle.

Interesting stuff.

I am starting to think the disadvantage of playing in Italy, Italian crowds, hardcore Euro-Zoners, might be a decent penalty on the US team.

I read it’s been like 20 years since Americans won a Ryder Cup in Europe? That’s pretty hectic.


@matt_courchene Will there be any way to use the prop tool (or a
corresponding function under the RC-page) in a useful way during the event? I realize of course how different of an event this is, but there are/will be plenty of group bets to be made where a DG course fit adjustment would maybe is important enough to guide us?
Or is it just not worth the time it would take to make adjust/build a model suited for foursome/fourballs? Not to mention an integrated forecast probablity of how much different players are excpected to play when it comes to group betting pre event start.

Are we pretty much all on team USA outright? I’ve got a few units deployed, making me sweat.

As a european this is the first RC in quite a while where I will not be betting US. Somehow with age I’ve just come to realise that a model just measuring player ability is quite insufficient in this event, especially on european soil. Will however be very interesting to see whether the flip in team characteristics (europe being younger, longer & less accurate) might make DG’s model more usable since it might mean a less extreme course setup


I bet on the Americans last night at 1.97, mostly because I want my betting interests to align with my rooting interests. Although I don’t think I have that much against this group of Europeans, they are pretty likeable.

@madmartigan5 you locking in some profit by backing the Americans as well, or just going with your 2.9x on the Euros?

Regarding what we’ll have next week, probably won’t have any sim tools… just not worth the effort. We will update the skill decomposition page which will have our course fit adjustments, and we’ll do live win probabilities and match probabilities throughout. Also hoping to scrape the shot data as well to get the SG stats.


This American team has no shot.

Brooks is going to be hitting the chianti classico hard all week (if he isn’t already), and hitting his favorite pizza places from his challenge tour days.

Scheffler is a basketcase with the putter. Not going to be able to close anything out or make clutch putts.

Spieth is a total nightmare for alternate shot.

Harman and Wyndham just want to eat BBQ.

Xander and Cantlay will probably pull their weight but I just don’t see it being enough. They also might let the European fans get under their skin in a bad way.


Yeah I have. Seemed like the right thing to do at these prices. Also Harman 1.85x vs Bob Mac (best lefty). Insane price during any circumstances. Can’t see why MacIntyre would get more play time either. Seems both are the “unfortunate” qualifiers for both teams. Bookmakers that uses “Alternar sportsbook” have this,

Also Clark first sunday pairing at 29x @coolbet seemed high (Clark looks underated as always in any market imo) Doesn’t seem like the americans are as obsessed with putting there no1 in the first singles macth like the euros are with Rory every single time either.

Alright, thought so, and understandable. But good enough and something one can work with. Cheers.

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@OldSchoolScout with the another incredibly hot take, love to see it.

A lot of people going against the model and following their heart, it’s beautiful to see.

Won’t there will be like 20:1 Euro to American fans in Italy? Italians have a way of being pretty brutal spectators as well, I have always thought of them as the Mexican sports fans of Europe. Makes me wonder how guys like Sam Burns will hold up. #JusticeForRuss


I imagine the majority will be pissed up Brits and Irish folk rather than Italian football ultras, for better or worse.

Question for everyone: if you were in charge of course set-up for the Euros how would you want it to play? Only so much you can do but the usual playbook might be out the window given the skillset of Nicolai, Ludvig and Bob.

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Every hole is a par 2, start on the green and have about 50 feet for birdie. Euros couldn’t lose that one.

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