Using DK Rundown to determine round scores

I’ve seen this formula below to covert Rd showdown fantasy scores to help predict round scores,
Trying to determine if doing the calculation right for Rd 1 on the RBC Heritage

(Par score + rd score to par - (Specific player round fantasy score - field average round score)/1.2) +(0.3* wave adjustment) (dependent on which wave the player is scheduled).

If take Scottie as an example:

Have par of 71 for RBC, plus 0 (little confused on round score to par) – 45 for points – the average for the field for points 35.67. Then divide by 1.2 for the DK showdown points then add the .3
(71 + 0 – (45-35.67)/1.2)+.3

Would take any help can get, thanks!

Check out this thread.

Seems like you are doing a few things wrong/differently here.

  • rd score to par is “R1 Scoring Average to Par on the page… so -1 here”.
  • You want to divide by ~4 not 1.2. The 1.2 tells you how much the wave split is worth in points, but what you actually want is how much a stroke is worth in points. The point of dividing by 4 is to go from points to strokes.
  • not sure why the wave split is multiplied by 0.3… normally I would multiply it by 0.5 but maybe that is to account for prediction uncertainty. Anyways in that case you need to do 0.3 * wave split which is 0.3 strokes here… so that’d be 0.3*0.3 = 0.09.

Perfect thanks for the help Matt, makes a lot more sense now.